Biofuel - Warehoused

  • Can be sold at the Market for: 564 coinCoin, 11 xpXP each.

Resources menu tab

Create in Factory

Gain 2 for every Mobile Phones turn in

Occasionally found in Electronic container, New Electronic container

Facility Materials Time
Factory 3 Seaweeds 45:00 Factory - Material Processing - Biofuel

Production menu tab

Use 1 when making Eco Battery in Power Station

Buildings menu tab

Monuments menu tab

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line
012.024Clean fuel Create Biofuel at the Factory (0/30) Space Exploration
013.003Energy production Create Biofuel (0/10) Scientific Samples
001.101Mimicry Deliver 7 Biofuel and 4 Brush Earth Many Years Later
002.013New income Reward: 2 Biofuel At the Halt
006.035Supplies of Wine Reward: 2 Pesticides X4, 5 Biofuel Plant Synthesis
008.028Vital needs Create Biofuel at the Factory (0/10) Big Road