Bunker - Manhole
Bunker2 - Ladder

Access via the Manhole in the Red Zone of the Bunker.
This is where the Supercomputer lies.

This area is strongly governed and directed via tasks. Generally speaking, if something isn't indicated to be done via a current task, don't try to do it, as either the game will not permit it, or doing it ahead of time may mess up later progress.

In addition, especially in the case of the Supercomputer repairs, there is almost always a task to make the materials the player will need, so it's best to wait until the task appears to start making them. Or, perhaps the reader is looking forward to having 8 Microcircuits gathering dust in their Warehouse, unable to be used or sold, while wistfully remembering the Aluminium and Rubies used to make them?

Scrolling in this area is, for whatever reason, quite limited. For this reason, in order to see and target everything, the player may find it most convenient to view this area at the most zoomed-in level with the friend bar closed.

Ladder UpEdit

Bunker2 - Red Zone - Ladder

This is where the Manhole in the Bunker leads.

  • 1 Barrel

Red ZoneEdit


Bunker2 - Red Zone - Entrance

Door: 40 Red Access

Park AreaEdit

Bunker2 - Red Zone - Park Area

Door: 42 Red Access, Everything is covered

Dwelling UnitEdit

Bunker2 - Red Zone - Dwelling Unit

Door: 45 Red Access, Recreation place

(only the unlit can be searched)


Bunker2 - Red Zone - WC

Door: 50 Red Access

Observation ConsoleEdit

Bunker2 - Red Zone - Observation Console

Door: 55 Red Access

Brown ZoneEdit

Power Station 4Edit

Bunker2 - Brown Zone - Power Station 4

Door: 5 Brown Access

Wing 7Edit

Bunker2 - Brown Zone - Wing 7

Door: 10 Brown Access, Wing 7

  • 2 Collapse
    • must clear collapse in front of Hothouse door to pass through
    • "must" clear collapse in front of right-hand Central door to pass through. However, left-hand doorway is clear, so not exactly necessary.
  • 2 Safe: 1 Brown Access per Safe


Bunker2 - Brown Zone - Hothouse

hidden crops in the Hothouse

Door: 12 Brown Access

Wing 5Edit

Bunker2 - Brown Zone - Wing 5

Door: 13 Brown Access, Passage to the Wing 5

Yellow ZoneEdit

Breeding StationEdit

Bunker2 - Yellow Zone - Breeding Station

Door: 3 Yellow Access


Bunker2 - Yellow Zone - Central

2 Doors: 8 Yellow Access, Breeding room


Power Station 2Edit

Bunker2 - Yellow Zone - Power Station 2

Door: 20 Yellow Access, Energy is needed

Power Station 1Edit

Bunker2 - Yellow Zone - Power Station 1

Door: 25 Yellow Access, Energy is needed


Bunker2 - Yellow Zone - Storage

Door: 57 Red Access, Request for admission (Old Tree)

White ZoneEdit

Research WingEdit

Bunker2 - White Zone - Research Wing

Door: 2 White Access

  • 3 Collapse: Must use 10 Dynamite each; can walk right by, so are actually irrelevant.


Bunker2 - White Zone - Laboratory

Door: 2 White Access, To the Laboratory