Radio New with Through time (2015 10 31)

Related Tasks: Hooray! Repairable; Heap of components

Manufacturing Slots: 1

Building Steps: 2

The first one is found in Repository, where you after repair only can build Time Transformer. Placing a Time Transformer near it turns it into a New Creator

The second one is found on Captain's Bridge, when you enter Mystical Cube. After repair you can only create Electromagnetic Bomb.

Step Resources menu tab Time Reward
1 12 Wires
8 Microcircuit
16 Solid Oil
11 Glue
40:00 500xpXP
Creator - Step 1
2 1 Processor
18 Optical Fiber
34 Transistor
1 Cooling System
1:00:00 1,000xpXP
Creator - Step 2