This page is about the building. For the task, see Factory (task)

Resin, Matches, Paper, Fire, Biofuel, Rope, Clay, Glue, Microcircuit, Grindstone, Wires, Mainboard, Sandpaper, The Lock Picks, Binoculars, Magnet, Solid Oil, Fuel Filter, Machine Oil and Kerosene can be produced at the Factory.

Unlocks at Level 8

Associated Task: Factory, Many resources

Cost: 14,500

Manufacturing Slots: 3

Building Steps: 3

Step Resources menu tab Time Reward
1 4 Block
6 Scrap Metal
2 Boards
1 Cement
50:00 60xpXP
Factory - Step 1
2 2 Pipes
4 Brick
12 Scrap Metal
2 Cement
1:20:00 90xpXP
Factory - Step 2
3 3 Hose
16 Scrap Metal
2 Plastic Panel
8 Glass
20:00 40xpXP
Factory - Step 3

Task Taskline
Factory Buy Factory.
Build Factory.
Earth Many Years Later
Factory business Make 5 Clay
Make 6 Resin
Make 2 Matches
Earth Many Years Later
Twist round finger Make 6 Rope Earth Many Years Later
Building material Make 8 Resin
Make 12 Fire
Earth Many Years Later
Drop in on the chance! Make 8 Matches
Make 5 Fire
At the Halt
Search for Access cards Make 6 Lock Picks At the Bunker
Building implements Make 30 Fire At the Bunker
Big building Make 15 Rope Plant Synthesis
Get ready for the building Make 10 Fire
Make 15 Rope
Plant Synthesis
Finish materials Make 10 Glue Plant Synthesis
Outfit to the Factory Make 20 Fire
Make 15 Clay
Make 8 Rope
Plant Synthesis
Go up to the surface again Make 8 Microcircuit
Make 2 Magnet
Deeper into the Bunker
A lot of resources Make 58 Fire Big Road
High walls Make 16 Rope Big Road
2 stage of the technologies introduction Make 32 Resin Old Tree
4 stage of the technologies introduction Make 7 Microcircuit Old Tree
5 stage of the technologies introduction Make 3 Magnet Old Tree
New fuel Make 5 Microcircuit To the New Lands
Many resources Buy Factory in APS.
Build Factory in APS.
To the New Lands
Stockings Make 32 Grindstone To the New Lands
Behind seven locks! Make 18 Lock Picks To the New Lands
Pitiable condition Make 5 Magnet To the New Lands
Where's the computer here? Make 23 Wires
Make 18 Microcircuit
To the New Lands
Pitch darkness Make 5 Fire
Make 10 Matches
Back to the Past
Elevator for treasures Make 10 Rope Back to the Past
Language module Make 2 Microcircuit Back to the Past
Robot-knight Make 5 Fire Back to the Past
Old Bob Make 12 Matches Space Exploration
Chips-chips! Make 10 Mainboard
Make 20 Wires
Make 1 Fuel Filter
Space Exploration
Internal trim Make 5 Glue Space Exploration
Minor improvements Make 8 Glue Space Exploration
Energy! Make 20 Wires Space Exploration
Clean fuel Make 30 Biofuel Space Exploration
Energy production Make 10 Biofuel Scientific Samples
Scientific records Make 15 Paper
Make 5 Microcircuit
Scientific Samples
Damaged instruction Make 5 Matches
Make 3 Paper
Scientific Samples
Fuel and energy Make 10 Kerosene Scientific Samples
Navigation system Make 5 Microcircuit
Make 5 Mainboard
Make 5 Wires
Scientific Samples
Construction again Make 8 Machine Oil Scientific Samples
Foreman's trouble Make 18 Mainboard
Make 28 Wires
Scientific Samples