This page is about the monument. For the task, see Falling Tower (task)

Unlocks at Level 12

Related Task(s): Falling Tower

Cost: 135,000coinCoin

Produces 40xpXP and 60coinCoin every 45 minutes.

Occasionally drops 1 EnergyEnergy icon

Possible Collections: Keys, Lighters, Watches

Building steps: 3

Monuments menu tab

Step Resources menu tab Time Reward
1 4 Block
1 Rope
5 Cement
20:00 90xpXP
Falling Tower - Step 1
2 3 Rope
1 Wire
8 Boards
36:00 300xpXP
Falling Tower - Step 2
3 4 Metal Sheet
2 Fire
8 Rivet
50:00 500xpXP
Falling Tower - Step 3

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