Message from Spot:
Message 001 - Oh, what a place! - 01.000
Message from Spot:
Message 002 - Is it really... - 01.000
Message from Spot:
Message 003 - Old warehouse - 01.000
Message from Spot:
Message 004 - New task! - 01.000

Bunker Keeper: "It seems that the old warehouse is under these stones. Clear the blockages to find out what is there."

Tasks - 01 EMYL 001 - Heap of stones

Previous Task: None

Requirement 1: Deconstruct heaps of stones (0/1)
Requirement 2: Look, what was kept in this abandoned warehouse (0/1)

Rewards: 10 xpXP, 50 coinCoin

Next Task(s): Lack of energy

Task Line: Earth Many Years Later

When you finish this task you receive the following message:
Message from Spot:
Message 005 - Wow, how much materials! - 01.001

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