Lock Picks - Warehoused

Resources menu tab

Create in Factory

Occasionally drops from Plane box, Present Is in the Wire

Gain 1 for every Mirrors turn in.

Occasionally found when upgrading Launcher, Excavations, Ice Fir-tree

Occasionally dropped when charging Launcher, Excavations, Ice Fir-tree with Battery

Facility Materials Time
Factory 1 Wire
5 Plastic
1:00:00 Factory - Material Processing - Lock Picks

Production menu tab

Buildings menu tab

Monuments menu tab

Tasks Involved In
Click to sort by order of appearance
Requirement Line
010.049Behind seven locks! Create Lock picks at the Factory (0/18) To the New Lands
014.010Delicate parts Make Lock picks at the Factory (0/10) Through Time
014.007General inspection Reward: 3 Lock Picks Through Time
005.004Search for Access cards Make Lock Picks at Factory (0/6) At the Bunker
010.076Secure access Reward: 1 Lock Picks To the New Lands

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