Update - 2018 01 08 - Meet the Guardian

Date: 2018 01 08

The Echo of the Survivors Radio Station informs: the Destroyed City Investigator (that is a prohibited and dangerous zone for Robots) reported that some movement was detected on the roof of one of Skyscrapers. Members of the expedition began to make their way to the roof of this Skyscraper.

A Nightmare!
Task Line - 16UT - 00 Icon
What is this?
We're going to find it now
The Luck smiled to us!
We need to go up
Another way to move
Higher and higher
The Pearl
The Confidence
Let's try like this!
Let's don't be sad!
Two Skyscrapers
It won't be easy at all!
Everything's locked! Again!
The algorithm is clear!
Not in vain at all!
The Parking space
We can go
The Useful Information
Only necessary items

New in this update: