Update - 2015 05 24 - New Lands

Date: 2015 05 24

Survivors' echo radio station informs: The Secret government and robot-engineers' Guild established connection with satellites and now you can use the general navigation system to make long trips to new lands.

Task Line - 07 Deeper into the Bunker - 00 Icon
Copper trip
Where do pipes disappear?
Hot Blast furnace
Fuel supplies
Help from the Command staff
Task Line - 10 TtNL - 00 Icon
Wow, they are so huge!
Rigid metal
Preparation for the attack
Order in everything
Local production
Broaden your mind
Rusty bus
Green thorns
Clean stop
Green stop
Through Brushwood
One more cleaning
Some module!
New fuel
Rare part
Wow, how many Marble and Granite
Gas production
Precious water
Many resources
Zone 4
New piles
Well done, Spot!
Black exchange
Burnt ground
Colourful wasteland
Further to the north
Help Gartney
Spoilt apples
Apple acid

New in this update:

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