Paper - Warehoused

  • Can be sold at the Market for: 2,792 coinCoin, 55 xpXP each.

Resources menu tab
Wasteland - Paper

Create at Factory

Scavenge at Wasteland

Gain 3 for every Tools turn in.

Generated by Paper Machine at a rate of 1 every 16:00:00

Occasionally found in Plane box, Present Is in the Wire

Occasionally dropped from Plane, Garbagebot

Occasionally found in Remains of Pest

Occasionally dropped by Ice Kitty

Occasionally dropped from Pest Trap

Facility Materials Time
Factory 2 Water
4 Sawdust
10 Glowing Mushroom
1:00:00 Factory - Material Processing - Paper2

Production menu tab

Use 1 when making Sandpaper in Factory

Use 4 when making Fuel Filter in Factory

Use 1 when making Popcorn in Food Plant

Use 1 when making Flour in Food Plant

Use 2 when making Dynamite in Chemical Laboratory

Use 1 when making The Script in Filming Pavilion

Use 40 when making Decoding in Supercomputer

Buildings menu tab

Monuments menu tab

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line
010.032Colourful wasteland Reward: 2 Paper To the New Lands
013.018Damaged instruction Create Paper at the Factory (0/3) Scientific Samples
004.001Designs Provide 4 Wine and 2 Paper Crash Site
014.005First victim Reward: 3 Paper Through Time
King! Deliver 5 Cartridge, 10 Paper, 8 Film Movie! Movie!
Last component Create Paper in Factory (0/12) Send Paper to Caretaker (0/12) Movie! Movie!
011.005Mysterious bas-relief Send 30 Paper Back to the Past
16.058Only necessary items Send Paper (24) Unknown Trails
015.009Paper boom Create Paper in the Factory (0/10) Movie! Movie!
016.005Satellite connection Provide 4 Cartridge and 5 Paper Unknown Trails
013.013Scientific records Create Paper at the Factory (0/15) Scientific Samples
015.007Soft cotton Provide 8 Paper Movie! Movie!
014.012Spare parts Reward: 3 Paper Through Time
Star autograph Deliver 20 Graphite, 25 Paper Movie! Movie!