Radio New with Pests from the past (2014 11 30)
Collections - Pest Components

Occasionally found in Broken Pest, Remains of Pest, Remains of Vulture, Sturdy box, upgrading Launcher, Electronic container, New Electronic container, Sorter, Trap for the Pest, Holoprojector

Reward: 120xpXP, 600coinCoin, 5 Water

Tasks Involved In
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Requirement Line Mandatory?
001.112Alien diet Exchange the Pest parts collection (0/1) Earth Many Years Later
001.061Good Pest is Broken Pest! Exchange the collection of Pest Items at the Black market (0/1) Earth Many Years Later
012.011Hard stuffing Exchange collection of Pest's parts (0/7) Space Exploration
009.017Order to the extermination of Pests Exchange a collection of Pest Details at the Black Market (0/2) Old Tree