Plastic Panel - Warehoused

  • Can be sold at the Market for: 36 coinCoin each.

Resources menu tab

Create in Processing Shop

Occasionally harvested from Pile of plastic garbage

Facility Materials Time
Processing Shop 3 Plastic 3:00 Processing Shop - Material Processing - Plastic Panel

Production menu tab

Use 1 when making Air Grid in Processing Shop

Use 7 when making Signal Amplifier in Technological Center

Buildings menu tab

Use 2 when building Step 3 of Factory

Use 8 when building Step 2 of Press

Use 8 when building Step 2 of Power Station

Use 42 when building Step 1 of Supercomputer

Use 20 when building Step 1 of Computer

Monuments menu tab

Tasks Involved In
Click to sort by order of appearance
Requirement Line
007.012Heavy damages Make Plastic Panel at the Processing Shop (0/50) Deeper into the Bunker
008.009High monument Reward: 5 Plastic Panel Big Road
Hydroponics (task) Create a Plastic Panel in the Processing Shop (0/10) Space Exploration
011.006Language module Create a Plastic Panel at the Processing Shop (0/10) Back to the Past
001.056Recycling Make Plastic panel at the Processing shop (0/5) Earth Many Years Later

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